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This page offers worldwide internet addresses on malacology. It is a part of the "Haus der Natur - Cismar" (museum of malacology) homepage. Haus der Natur - Cismar is a privately owned natural history museum located in northern Germany. Information concerning the collections and the exhibition of Haus der Natur - Cismar is available at . That page also includes facts about Schriften zur Malakozoologie (a scientific journal on molluscs), the German Malacological Society (in German language) and other themes related to Haus der Natur - Cismar.
Concerning this list of adresses and pages on malacology: - all authors are responsible for the information given in their pages, we are sorry that we are not able to check all foreign pages by ourselves in short intervals. Please, inform us if there are any problems with the listed addresses.

As so many idiots are spamming the net and are annoying seriously working people, we decided to deactivate all mail-addresses given in our pages in order to protect them for being searched by spamming computers. We beg your pardon that this is a loss of comfort but we think that if you have to copy the address by yourself into the address field of your mailer this is reasonable trouble in comparison to the massive spam. As it is much work to change all addresses in the hundreds of webpages managed by Haus der Natur the alterations will be made little by little.

At the bottom of this page you can find a list of e-mail-addresses of those members of the German Malacological Society who informed us about their accounts.
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Malacological societies, journals, museums, informal malacological groups, general pages:

Bibliographical pages, special malacological themes:

Cephalopoda, Scaphopoda, Polyplacophora


Private pages, shell-dealers, other marine groups:


E-mail addresses of some of the members of the German Malacological Society
(please, mail to if addresses are wrong or missing):

Dr. Martin Adler, Dr. Christian Albrecht,
Christoph Allgaier, Alexander Artmann,
Markus Dr. Ruud Bank,
Karl-Heinz Beckmann (Beiratsmitglied der DMG, ist am 2.10.2007 verstorben) Lutz Beisel,
Dr. Rüdiger Bieler, Dr. Ulrich Bößneck,
Dr. Joseph Boscheinen, Dr. Rainer Brinkmann,
Dr. Silke Clasen, Manfred Colling
Oskar Deichner, Willy de Mattia,
Rainer Dettmer, Hendrik Devriese,
Otto Eckert, Thomas Ols Eggers,
Ulf Erdmann  
Gerhard Falkner, Gerhard Falkner (in Paris),
Ulrike Faust, Wolfgang Fischer
Dr. Francis Foeckler  
Martin Gabriel,  
Dr. Jochen Gerber, Dr. Wolfgang Gibb,
Prof. Dr. Edmund Gittenberger, Dr. Matthias Glaubrecht,
Peter Glöer, Prof. Dr. Klaus-J. Götting,
  Wolfgang Graack,
Christina Greke, Klaus Groh,
Herman E. Haak, Robert Haldemann,
Uwe Handke, Ralf Hanneforth,
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Haszprunar, Dr. Bernhard Hausdorf,
Martin Hecken,
Jens Hemmen, Hans-Jürgen Hirschfelder,
Michael Hoelling,  
Arie W. Janssen, Dr. Ronald Janssen,
Uwe Jueg, Dr. Dr. Jürgen H. Jungbluth
Dietrich Kadolsky, Isabella Kappner,
Burkhard Keil  
Klaus Kittel, Matthias Klemm,
Dr. Dietrich von Knorre, Hajo Kobialka,
Dr. Gerhard Körnig, Beate Krause,
Dr. Udo Lange, Thomas J. Langner,
Karsten Lill, Gert Lindner,
Wim J. M. Maassen, Tom Meijer,
Elke Mizdalski,
Dr. Karl-Otto Nagel, Dr. Eike Neubert,
Hans-Jörg Niederhöfer,
Ivo Niermann,
Robert Nordsieck,  
Liga Ozolina
Dr. Robert A. Patzner, Andrea Pohl,
Dr. Ted von Proschwitz, Carsten Pusch,    
Dr. Wolfgang Rähle, Dr. Heike Reise,
Dr. Götz B. Reinicke, Prof. Dr. Ludwig Reisch,
Mag. Peter L. Reischütz, Dr. Carsten Renker und Anke Renker
Dirk Reum,  
Dr. Ira Richling, Anette Rosenbauer,
Mudite Rudzite, Jörg Rüetschi,
Dr. Bernd Sahlmann, Harald Scherer,
Martin Schlüpmann, Stephan Schlüter,
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schmid-Wallis, Katrin Schniebs,
Andrea Schröder, Dr. Ortwin Schultz,      ortwin.schultz@NHM-WIEN.AC.AT
Peter Schultz, Henning Schwer,
Dr. Werner Sperrle, Prof. Dr. Friedrich Strauch,
Olaf Strub, Peter Subai,
Frank Swinnen,  
Dr. Andrea Tappert, Karl-Heinz Teichler,
Angela Tiefenthaler, Stefan Thole,
Dr. Rita Triebskorn,
Michael Unruh,  
Joachim Wedel, Gerhard Weitmann,
Dr. Vollrath Wiese, Dr. Hans-Jürg Wilhelm,
Prof. Dr. Tom Wilke, A. J. de Winter,
Walter Wimmer,
Dr. Michael Zettler,  

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A really successful project of marine research and environmental education has been realized by: ALDEBARAN Marine Research & Broadcast GmbH, Rothenbaumchaussee 80c tel +49-40-417102 fax 417231, D-20148 Hamburg

In the small town of Neustadt/Holst. (Baltic Sea) nice projects of environmental education are practised by the BUND-Umwelthaus Neustaedter Bucht. You can find information at

Young scientists at school or at university who are interested in studying nature in the field are invited to contact the "Deutscher Jugendbund für Naturbeobachtung (DJN)".



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